Why your image, plan and social media matter!

My name is Johnny Giles and I am a professional business plan and presentation writer, consultant, social media strategist and published author! I love what I do and I am always excited to see my clients success grow beyond their imagination! The image and materials you create to represent your business are so vital to your success and yet many people place those things on the back burner! Why? It is easy and relatively economical to create a professional image that brands you as a leader in the industry you represent! The better your business looks the more likely others will come to their own conclusions that you are the right fit for their needs!


 photo VideoImage1_zps3e4e3dee.jpg

The flyer and video above are “teasers” designed to attract others to me and I use the same html ad code used here in this blog post to place ads daily on BackPage and CraigsList.

 photo EBP19_zpsfdaa8706.jpg

 photo VideoImage2_zpsa7808d7c.jpg

No matter what your needs are, large or small my company Expert Business Presentations has a solution for you! Contact me to learn more and take a look at the different pages on this site to see samples of my work and to download my price list!



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