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My 2nd Book using CreateSpace & Indiegogo by Author JB Giles

I am excited to share my newest Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to publish my 2nd book using CreateSpace!

Click the book cover below to visit my Indiegogo Campaign!

 photo Book2_zps411681a0.jpg

You can also visit my Indiegogo Campaign by click the link below!


I have given away many copies of my first book titled – Social Media “How To’s” that work! – and I plan to do the same with my 2nd book titled – Creative Business Plan Writing & Design – even though I will continue to sell my first one and then my second one!


You can buy my first book online by clicking the book cover below!


I have a passion for my work and I am very good at what I do! On this blog you can see samples of some of the hundreds of business plans and presentations I have written and designed! Please share this blog post with others and if possible make a contribution to my 2nd book! If you have any questions or want to know more about my services please feel free to contact me any time!